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Born in Amsterdam, Anna Korteweg studied at the University of Arts in Amsterdam and obtained her Master degree in Fine Arts at the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede, in 2008.

She has worked and exhibited in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, New York and the Middle East.

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Artist Statement

Since 2015, after moving from the city to the countryside, the change of scenery has had a mayor influence on my work. Not only have I find more inspiration in subjects that are literally closer to me - such as every day objects and portraits of people close to me - instead of the urban landscape, I have also been focusing exclusively on one medium.


As a starting artist, watercolor was the first medium I learned to paint in, and today I find it is still the most compelling technique to me, since it allows me to express a more personal and directly felt interpretation of a subject. It allows me to define the shapes, figures and moods that are present, but not always directly seen by the eye.  

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