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Installation of four large-size charcoal drawings for the group exhibition Green Fingers at Het Glazen Huis  (The Glass House) gallery in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam, organized by Zet Foundation.


Project Amstelpark, 2009

In Green Fingers five artists reflect on the history, design and functionality of the Amstelpark, a park on the outskirts of  Amsterdam, originally set up for the 1972 Floriade international gardening exhibition.

Participating artists: Chris MeighanTeresa Borasino, Natasha RoslingDanielle Davidson and Anna Korteweg.


For the drawing series Amstelpark I focused on four features of the park: monumentality, symmetry, leisure and nature. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the quiet, slightly uncanny atmosphere of the park. And it seems to me this is a result of the four characteristics mentioned above, that were ambitiously pursued when the park was designed in the late 60s.  

Four drawings,

charcoal and pastel on paper, various sizes, 2009

Installation view at the gallery


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